In collaboration with the Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies (ICRS), the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), and Indonesian Association of Religious Researchers (APAI), the Agency for Research, Development, and Training of the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) will convene bi-annual symposium with the following main theme:

“Religious Life, Ethics and Human Dignity in the Disruptive Era”

The 3rd ISRL will highlight the role of religion and ethics in the disruptive era that erode human values, civility, and dignity. In the processes of development and techno­logical revolution, religion can play an essential role in providing spiritual, moral, and ethical guidance. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, religion is perceived in two ways: on the one hand, some faith communities have been willfully negligent and become ‘super-spreaders’ of the dangerous virus by defying stay-at-home orders. Yet, on the other hand, religion has also galvanized its adherents to support economically vulnerable and marginalized communities affected by the lockdown and social restrictions. Likewise, in democratization, religion gives society the necessary dynamic thrust to maintain its vibrancy, resiliency, and sustainability. This Symposium is therefore expected to delve into the complexity of how religion, religious values, and faith communities confront the contemporary challenges to uphold ethics and human dignity.


Based on the above rationale, a list of sub-themes is offered as possible topics for the 3rd ISRL 2020:

  • Religion, Ethics and Human Dignity
  • Religion and Women Leadership
  • Faith and Urban Resilience
  • Religion, Public Health and Pandemics
  • The Practice of Eco-Theology
  • Faith, New Ecology and Sustainability
  • Religious Moderation
  • Promotion of Religious Literacy and Harmony
  • Measuring Religious Tolerance, Harmony and Dignity
  • Various Articulations of Indonesian Islam
  • Freedom of Religion, Human Rights and Dignity
  • New Religious Movement and its Discontent
  • New Ways in Interfaith Engagement
  • Gender, Religion, Belief and Spirituality
  • Religion for Gender-based Development
  • The Dilemmas of Religious Authority
  • Caliphate, Nation-State and Welfare
  • Religious Freedom and Business Ethics
  • Ethno-Religious Identity and Separatism
  • Religion, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics
  • Religion, Internet, and Social Media
  • Religious Life of the Millennial Generation
  • Religious Alms, Charity and Philanthropy
  • Faith-based Economics and Finance
  • Halal and Sharia Industry
  • Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage
  • Religion, Ethics and Food
  • Ethical Religious Propagation, Guidance and Counselling
  • Religion and Ethics of Conflict Prevention and Peace Building
  • Intra and Inter-Religious Conflicts and Distrusts
  • Majority and Minority Religions
  • Religious Conservatism and Populism
  • Religious Intolerance, Extremism and Radicalism
  • Religion and Public Good
  • Religion, Foreign Policy and Public Diplomacy
  • Religion, Development, and Public Policy

We are delighted to announce that although in this pandemic caused by the COVID-19, we still continuing sharing knowledge on interdisciplinary through alternative meeting pathways, and we will enlight it as soon as possible.